Intelligent sorting,
make the world more efficient
We focus on the core technology of robots, lead the way in automation of logistics sorting, 
and provide customers with efficient and cost-effective solution

Zhejiang LiBiao Robot Co., Ltd. creates the world's first portable, modular, automated unit sorting system. We seek to integrate logistics automation with R&D, production and sales of intelligent equipment.Since day one, R&D and innovation of logistics automation technology has been the core business of Libiao. We value proprietary technology and self-developed system & application

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  • Short return on investment cycle

    flexible investment mode

  • Accurate and stable

  • Higher sorting efficiency

  • Quick deployment

    reduced time cost

  • Modular design

    strong expandability

  • Robot Series

    Various robot series to accommodate different requirements

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  • Solutions

    Customized solutions for different industries and scenarios

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  • Applications

    Applicable for nearly 100 practices

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