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Development and Innovation in Logistic Automation System


Zhejiang Libiao Robotics Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of robotic products, devoted to the research and innovation in the field of original technology of artificial intelligence & automation project in logistics.

With an innovative R&D team, and 15 years’ experience in development of automatic control technology, our company has profound technological knowledge and holds over 40 patents. 2 years ago , we developed the world’s first intelligent sorting robots which have been utilized by major well-known logistics enterprises such as EMS, Shanghai Shentong Logistics Ltd and SLC, etc. and serving new retail enterprises such as JD. com, Cainiao. com, and Freshhema. com, etc.

We have extended our business to robotic meal delivery in self-service restaurants, with more than 6,000 robots operating in the domestic market. We have successfully entered the markets in the United States of America, Japan, Singapore, Korea, and Malaysia and will continue to expand our business to the international market.

The intelligent express sorting robots, called “Mini yellow”, are able to work around the clock. These robots occupy less than half the space compared to other tools and have a high efficiency rate of 18,000 items per hour, hence saving 70% of human labor. “Mini yellow” was a hit to the market. Since its launch, it has attracted attention from the government and the media. Labelled as the “Chinese cool tech” by netizens, “Mini yellow” has gained high recognition and stunned the world with its innovativeness to automate traditional operating pattern of express delivery.

Product Advanteges Highlight

Low Initial Investment,Minimum start-up with 50 robots
Flexible and Expansion,Ability to expand and alter the number of Robots and system layout
Individual of The colony,Continually operation which robot’s task is replaced by other bot’s when maintance performes
Scalable work space,Approx,1/3~1/5 cross belt sorting system area


Our Team

The Company Core team of leaders are fully committed to R&D to innovate and automate logistics industry. Founders and staff are all professionals in their field of expertise and had been working together for the past years to continuously upgrade and improve application automation in logistics that will lead the world and these application is only limited to ones imaginations.



Our Achievements


Enterprise Qualificatin

High-Tech Enterprise


Patent pilot enterprise
Innovation Base
Leader on Standard


41 Inovation Patents
5 Utility ModelS
3 Software Copyright


We hold more than 50 certifications for A.I.C Systems
Zhejiang LiBiao Robot Co.,Ltd

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